MLC 171

Sequoyah Guess:  The Books of the Red Eye

"Sequoyah Guess has created a great tale wrapped in Cherokee storytelling, Oklahoma charm, and exciting horror.  Highly recommended if you're looking for a unique take on the vampire mythos.  Set in the Tahlequah area, it's at once familiar yet frightening, and full of horror action thrills." - Roy Boney

Daniel Justice:  The Kynship Chronicles

"Justice has created a fantasy epic so rich in history and so complex with all of its inhabitants and mystery that you're never going to want The Way of Thorn and Thunder to end.  What a treasure for anyone looking for heroes and adventure in a series based on Aboriginal philosophy and wisdom" - Richard Van Campsuthor of The Lesser Blessed

Blake Hausman:  Riding the Trail of Tears

"A dazzling futurist novel about a traumatic episode in U.S. history.  Reader, when you accept Blake Hausman's invitation to ride the Trail of Tears in a theme park, be warned that you will become a participant in the Cherokee Removal, and not simply a witness."  Bharati Mukherjee